Domino's Fundraiser

What is it?These cards are good for 16 buy-one-get-one-free pizzas at any Domino’s in the Contiguous United States (sorry Alaska & Hawaii).

How does it work?These cards are sold for $10 each to anyone that wants to buy one (or more)!

How much goes towards my camp trip?For each card sold, $9 will go towards your camp trip. The other $1 will go to help cover the cost of the fundraiser.

How do I get cards to sell?Cards can be obtained by asking a leader or calling the Young Life office (610) 344-7330 to arrange a time to pick some up. When you check out cards, you become financially responsible for them! Ten cards is equivalent to $100 dollars, don’t lose them!

What do I do with the money/cards that I don’t sell?Money from card sales as well as the cards that you don’t sell should be given to a leader (ie. If you checked out 20 cards and sold 14, then you would return $140 and 6 cards).

When can I sell cards?Cards are available to be sold now and can be sold up until the day we leave for camp.



Young Life Northern Chester County | PO Box 3029 West Chester, PA 19381-3029

Phone: (610) 344-7330